Inhale Glass 16in P1 Double Perc Beaker Bong

Save $59.01

Inhale Products does not disappoint with this beautifully designed bong. This elegant, eye catching and functional design makes this a top pick for sophisticated consumers looking for their next sleek piece. This triple diffused water pipe has an expensive look and feel with out the expensive price. 

Your smoke begins its journey traveling through the Inhale 14mm deep bowl, and then into the “DB down-stem." The smoke filters by "breaking itself" through the slit designed down-stem before being pulled through water unlike traditional bongs. After the break, smoke is diffused with water through the elegantly designed 52 slit water percolator within the egg of the bong. It then travels to the top of the line 12 arm Tree water percolator filtering and cooling the smoke even further.

Your smoke ends its journey through the ice catcher breaking the smoke and cooling it for a fourth and final time for an amazingly smooth dense hit.

Inhale. Enjoy. 

Product Features

  • 7mm and 9mm glass thickness
  • 12 arm tree percolation
  • Inhale 52 slit egg percolation 
  • Ice Catcher
  • Inhale “DB” Down-stem.

Package Includes

  • DB Down-stem
  • 14mm Bowl
  • 16 Inch Beaker Bottom Bong


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