Large I-Tal Natural Hemp Wick 15.5 Foot Single Roll

Save $3.94
Smoke Cleaner.

With the new 15.5 ft. natural bees wax cured hemp wick. Enough wick to last you a few sessions. Wrap this natural beeswax coated hemp around your lighters for sure fire way to take it with you anywhere. Enjoy a cleaner & healthier way to light up with I-Tal Hemp Wick, Smoke Naturally. 

What’s In The Box

  • 1x ITal Hemp Wick Large Rolll, 15.5 ft


  • 15.5 ft. of Hemp Wick
  • Made of Organic Hemp & Bees Wax
  • Natural Alternative to Lighters
  • Hemp Material Naturally Grown
  • Sulfur-Free Flame Source
  • Waterproof

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