MJ Arsenal Dregg - Blunt Bubbler™


Enjoy this MJ Arsenal Dregg Blunt Bubbler Limited Edition release. Available only while supplies last! Its in stock and usually ships within 24 hours!

Winter is here.

Fear not, large rips for harsh smoke has been slain! Enjoy your rollables like never before with the limited edition Dregg dragon egg blunt bubbler™ from MJ Arsenal. This Dregg Blunt and Joint Bubbler will help you slay the day and have one great experience . Roll up and insert into your Dregg Game of Thrones inspired blunt bubbler perfect for J's, Joints, Pre-Rolls, Doobies, Doinks, Blunts, Blizzys, Twists, Palms and more! 

This magical beast has not a fiery breath, but the ability to smooth your harshest of smoke. Simply feed the MJ Arsenal Dregg your favorite rolled offering and watch as your smoke is cleansed by his triple-hole perc as the cooling waters reward you with the smoothest smoke in all the land! Jesters beware, this blunt bubbler™ is no joke!  Get your Dregg by MJ Arsenal while suppplies last!


One size fits most rolled/cone products

Height: ~3.05in

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