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Smoke Session Must Haves

Smoking essentials for beginner intermediate and advanced consumer looking for top smoking products like bongs pipes vaporizers growing kits lifestyle goods

1. A Good Bong

A good bong is a crucial piece of the smoke session puzzle. Easy to use, fun to pass around, and good at what it does. All of your friends will know how to use it, and if they don’t teaching someone how too is sure to be an event in itself! Depending on your experience a more intricate bong could be used as an easy conversation starter and something that you will love to show off!

2. Something To Roll

Rolling a paper or leaf for a session with friends can set the tone for the night. If it’s good, then the night will be good, if it’s bad… the night will still be good but poking fun at a poorly rolled paper is part of the fun (at someone’s expense). If you do not know how to roll there are some options for you! ‘Cones’ are pre-rolled around a filter and can make the process SO much easier, all you do is fill the cone and twist the top and ta-da the perfect roll every time. If you really want to impress your friends, grab a wrap made of 24k gold!

3. Not Your Grandfather’s Pipe

Lay out a hand pipe on the table for you or your friends! They are easier to use than bongs and require no fancy slight-of-hand like rolled pieces. With the whacky and interesting pipes today it will always be in use… who doesn’t want to use a glass cactus?

4. Grinders Are Worth It

Everyone should own a grinder. Stop using hand scissors, we are living in the 21st century now. A regular 4 piece grinder is sure to get the job done. Just twist the top and then unscrew the middle, easy! But, if you really want to impress,  step into the future and get a machine that grinds and then fills a pre-rolled cone! Using it is as simple as add herb, press down the button, and wait as it does all the hard work for you!

5. The Finishing Touch

Everyone loves a wow factor. The best way to do that is to roll out the big guns. When someone brings out a rig everyone knows that it just got real. Small rigs are common, but very fragile so if multiple people want to use it make sure they are careful, nothing ruins a smoke session like the sound of glass breaking. But for those who really like to show-off and entertain, you’re going to need something a little bigger. While most rigs need a torch to heat up, there is now one that keeps a constant temperature using electricity. Just press the power button, set your desired temperature, and wait for the heating element to heat the glass.


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