News Update: CVS Joins The CBD Craze, But Limits Options.

News Update: CVS Joins The CBD Craze, But Limits Options.

Is CVS selling CBD? What CBD products does CVS offer.

CVS announced that it would be selling CBD products in stores across the country. This is the first large scale drugstore that would sell CBD products and it has the potential to be a trendsetter for the industry, but with limited options. 

According to national reports CVS will hold CBD products in over 800 stores in 10 different states across the country. These states will include: Alabama, California, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, and Tennessee. According to sources, “CVS says that it will not sell any food additive or supplements containing CBD oil.” 

Though there will be no ‘CBD edibles’ being sold and the major retailer, there will be multiple other options for consumption! Products like topical creams, CBD capsules, and various vape cartridges potentially be held in these stores.

Because of hemps recent legalization CBD products will be showing up in major retailers more consistently now. As the snowball gets rolling CBD will be as common on the shelves of drugstores just like lotion and aspirin, so now only time will tell!

Grown Depot expects to launch it's own CBD Department in the next 30-45 days. Expect to see vast selections from quality brands producing the supplement. 

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