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KUSH CANDLEWEEN- Fall Kush Flavors That WOW

Kush Candles Fall Scents

Have you surprised yourself yet? I have... trick or treat!!! The newest Kush Candle lineup is delectable. All three of the aromas, Pumpkin Kush, Applejack, and Ghost Train Haze, hang like champs with the rest. The pumpkin kush smells delicious. When it's burning, it's almost as if fresh roasted pumpkins are being cooked on the spot. I want to eat my candle on a daily basis! Apple Jack smells just like it sounds, like apple jack cereal (no complaints here). I can never get enough of that. Ghost Train was new to me but very interesting. I absolutely love the aroma! If you aren't familiar with Kush Candles, check out my other blog for more information. Happy Halloween and Happy Kushday!!



Main Contributor:  Brad Tacoronte


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