Kush Candles- Organic Terpene Infused Soy Candles

Kush Candles- Organic Terpene Infused Soy Candles


Kush Candles- The original OG of terpene infused candles


I recently discovered a new product line and, needless to say, I am very impressed. They're called Kush Candles, and they are one of my new favorite products on the market. They have a variety of different candles, each based on the distinct aroma of specific cannabis strains. My personal favorite has to be Blue Dream. Blue Dream has always been my favorite strain, and the Blue Dream Kush Candle captures the essence of Blue Dream like nothing I have ever seen (or smelt, rather) before, aside from the real thing of course. Some other close competitors for 2nd place (in my book) include Grandaddy Purp, Green Crack, and Northern Lights. The list goes on though. OG Kush, Maui Wowie, White Widow, & Pineapple Express are up there in the rankings for my list as well. They have a great selection, with many more to choose from. 

Handmade in Loveland, Colorado by two brothers who sought to create candles with the wonderful aromas of our favorite strains, Kush Candles are made with 100% pure soy wax along with pure hemp seed oil. All of their candles are infused with organic terpenes as well, and burn very slowly (we're talking 50+ hours!). But wait, there's more! They use pure cotton wicks, which are completely lead-free, and are also free of all GMOs, pesticides, and herbicides. In other words, they are completely safe to burn no matter what, just be sure to keep the candle away from any drafts or flammable material when lit.

So for those of you who haven't read my other blogs on The Neutralizer, terpenes are secreted by nearly every plant in the world in the form of essential oils, which we then perceive through our sense of smell. CBD and cannabis release specific terpenes, the most common ones being Myrcene, Linalool, Limonene, Alpha-Pinene, Beta-Caryophyllene, Humulene, Ocimene, and Terpinolene. The first four in that list are infused into the Kush Candles, giving each their own unique aroma. That's why these candles smell so amazingly close to the aromas that we all know and love.

Here at the Grown Depot we offer a full selection of Kush Candles for your dank needs. Enjoy the amazing aroma of one of these revolutionary candles while toking and take your high times to the next level. Don't forget to check out the Halloween strains as well, October will be here before you know it!

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