CBD, an athletes newest friend. Should college athletes be allowed to use CBD for March Madness Mayhem?

Could CBD Be The Answer For Athletes Recovery?

Athletes should try CBD to recover, NCAA NBA and MLB could benefit from speedy less expensive athlete recoveries

March Madness is officially here and it has lived up to the hype so far. The drama of this tournament has been surrounding some major upsets in the first round as well as the public’s eye on Zion Williamson. After his injury during the regular season some doubted if he could recover before the tournament but he has been a force to be reckoned with.

Injuries are commonplace in sports and can change a game in seconds, as well as alter the players life. Now that CBD is legalized around the country there is potential for athletes to reap the benefits of its benefits.

CBD has a lot of benefits that can help athletes recover from a tough game or a hard workout. Pain management is one of the main reasons that CBD could be used by athletes as well as its potent anti-inflammatory properties. All sports cause massive strain on the body and CBD can effectively manage the strain. 

Along with pain management CBD can reduce muscle spasms with its antispasmodic properties. The NCAA tournament is notorious for having players collapse with a cramp at key points in game. With CBD use, the performance of athletes could be pushed to a new level by allowing athletes to play longer.

All of these benefits are great but the best part of CBD for athlete in this tournament, and around the world, is that it reduces the need for harmful drugs. After games it is common practice to take medicine with high amounts of acetaminophen like Tylenol. Acetaminophen is a common pain reliever and anti-inflammatory agent, like CBD. The issue with, in large doses and continued use of acetaminophen can cause some serious health issues worst of which is its potential to cause liver failure!

Replacing synthetic drugs with all natural alternatives has so many benefits. Unlike the dangers of acetaminophen, CBD has almost no serious health risks and is much more effective!

As the tournament continues more and more examples of problems that CBD could fix will appear. Whether it be muscle fatigue near the end of games and tournaments, or insomnia in players the night before the big game; CBD has the potential to answer all of these difficult problems.


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