Bongs V.S Blunts -The Big Debate

For centuries, rolling up with a tobacco leaf or natural hemp paper has been the go to way to consume. The whole process itself can also be slightly rewarding and entertaining as you start toking on the masterpiece you’ve just twisted, but the question still stands; are bongs better than blunts?




  • Perfect to take to an event or pass around a group of friends.
  • With pre rolls now available, consumption can start with the flick your lighter!
  • Visibly discreet.
  • Many flavor options as well as REAL 24K GOLD blunt wraps (yes, they do now exist!)


  • Can be very harsh on the throat and lungs. 
  • Can start to become a habit and will likely cause health conflicts later on in life.
  • Increased levels of non effective by-product when combusted and consume.
  • Leaves a strong scent that sticks to your hands and clothing. 



  • Saves a lot of your product by being able to use less in bowls.
  • Smoother hits which can be even SMOOTHER by adding ice to your glass bong.
  • The taste is unimaginable! As long as you keep your bong clean!
  • Variety of different additions to add to your glass bong to build your own perfect bong
  • Bong water filtration helps remove toxins from going into your lungs from the smoke


  • Not very portable and cannot be used discreetly.
  • Cleaning up your bong every few weeks or so depending on your cleanliness.
  • May leave residue and smell if not cleaned or stored properly.

In general, both are great options depending on how you prefer to consume. Depending on your budget, constantly using blunts or papers could take a toll on your wallet, so a bong or glass piece might be a good investment. 

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