Are You Hip To Hemp Wick?

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Are you hip to hemp wicks? Hemp wick is a type of wick used to light smoking goods. Growing in popularity, hemp wicks is the best way that we have determined for you to light up. Let us tell you why.

 Hemp Wick Provides Smoother Hits

You know the stereotype: someone takes a hit and it is immediately followed by a dry cough. This is the best thing about hemp wicks. The hemp twine is coated with beeswax, allowing the flame to burn at a lower temperature. This lower temperature results in smoother, less harsh hits than traditional butane lighters. This benefit will have great impacts on the quality and comfort of your session, as well as long-lasting benefits for your lungs. 


Hemp Wick Provides Better Flavor and Greater Enjoyment

 Because hemp wick burns at a lower temperature, it will not burn out cannaboids and will not burn out your product as quickly. This results in a better tasting and more enjoyable experience with a more robust high.

Hemp Wick Might Be Healthier Than Butane Lighters

 Furthermore, hemp wicks are also less carcinogenic, meaning they do not present the same risk of causing cancer that other lighting methods do. You are not at risk of inhaling flint or butane, making hemp wick a much better alternative.  


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